Week 29

Nobody asked me to take these photos at a family anniversary celebration. I’m pretty sure that someone would have complained privately if I’d made their nose look long, or bum look big, but there was absolutely no come-back if they had said so to my face.Self with uncle and aunt

I’m not normally a portrait shooter. I’m not much of a people shooter, except when I turn the camera on myself. But I wanted to capture these moments. But more than that, as I told my favourite uncles and aunts, I was practising.   v46002

There is another celebration coming up soon, and I’ve been asked to take some photos. Not be the photographer, just do the photos.

Initially I said no. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but I didn’t want the responsibility of getting a good shot of the best man, or making sure the brides shoes featured, when all I will be thinking about is the moment. The celebration of two people I love dearly. v46010

But refusal wasn’t an option. If I didn’t do it, no one would. No one official, or semi-official at any rate.v47004

So at this family gathering in the summer that seems so long ago, I set about practising the art of capturing people and moments. It was a challenge, especially when the conversation flowed and I let the camera rest forgotten, in my hands.v48003

And as the sun began to set on that day of family celebration, I realised one thing. When the day comes when I’m asked to supply the photos of a big day, I might not get all the shots the bride and groom will want to remember, but I can certainly rely on the bridesmaid to strike a convincing pose.




  1. I love your pics of people, specially your selfportraits. And I love how you describe the situation. When people ask me to take pictures in advance I always say yes, and then there is always some accident: the film wasn´t on place, the camera misteriously got broken (although it never happened before) the light wasn´t right, I had this horrible headache… I think it´s my subconcious saying “you do it when you want to do it”… but then I have this problem to say “no”.

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