Week 24

Slow photography

There have been a few comments from friends:

“Whatever happened to your self-portrait project?”

“Will we see another photo?”

“Why haven’t you been posting?”

Dandilion clocks

The answer lies in the idea I had way back last year.

This is not my first self-portrait project by any means.

I’ve done a photo a day for a year. That was tough, and I doubt I’ll ever do it again.

I’ve done self-portraits on film and kept more or less to a weekly posting schedule. That was brutal at times, but the rigour of keeping up with other people who were shooting digital and posting by Sunday night helped keep the ball rolling.

I’ve done self-portraits for the love of self-portraits, (rather than for the love of a 52 week schedule) and I missed the momentum of a 52 week project.

So this time round I decided that the act of taking a weekly self-portrait was the project and the posting online was merely icing on a cake I enjoyed quietly on my own.

Week 24

And so here I am on 16th June, which was week 24, walking my running route, and relishing the chance to stop and take photos, taking it slow and steady rather than dashing around to keep up the pace.



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