Week 22

Sometimes you can ignore what is staring you in the face.


I have walked past these beautiful birch trees on my way from here to there over the past few years without really paying them any attention. They are only a stone’s throw away from my house, but though I’ve been past hundreds of times I never really noticed them.

There are beautiful birch woods at Lawrence Field. I’ve been there and shot them now and again.

Birch woodland at Lawrence Field

I’ve been past these birch trees snaking their way through the edge of a forest at the foot of White Edge.

Silver birch
A darkroom print I took forever to get around to making

And some years back I shot these shot these one warm but overcast day after a picnic lunch at Cannock Chase.

Silver birch
I can’t help wishing I’d had some black and white film in my camera

Then back in early June when summer still hadn’t shown any signs of arriving, I remembered those woods a stone’s throw from my house and satisfied what turns out to be a semi-regular urge to shoot silver birch.


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