Week 15

In March this year I was invited to join a group of like-minded photographers, who shoot film and agreed to help pass a little 35mm camera around the world. This is why I still love flickr – the community that casual users never find their way to is still very much alive and doing very well thank you very much!

So in April, the camera headed south from Scotland to me.

farm track
I took it out on a run.
And I spent a rainy Sunday messing about and taking pictures through my window
Self portrait
I used it to take a self portrait to post to the group pool.
Me and Little Ricoh
And finally I took my 52 weeks self-portrait of me and Little Ricoh as a keepsake before I sent it on its way.

It’s a pretty strange experience, knowing that you only get one week to play with it – I only shot one roll, but others have shot two. And it’s so interesting to see what other people do with it, with their eyes and their unique style. I enjoyed it so much that I toyed with the idea of getting one of my own – but though the camera was so much fun to use, it’s not really about the camera. It’s about passing the camera, about the community of people who may never meet but whose hands are holding the same lens, pressing the same shutter and whose names are filling up the travel log as Little Ricoh continues his world tour.


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