Weeks 13 and 14 – hot and cold

What do you do when you plan a spring trip to the mountains and when you get there the conditions are decidedly wintry? And worse than that, when you go to unpack you realise you left your winter climbing gear at home.

You do three things:

Thing one

Put another log on the fire
Put another log on the fire

You get warm – only our cosy looking house never seemed to get warm no matter how much wood we threw on the fire. Thankfully our local pub had a roaring fire and some warming locally brewed ales.

Thing two

Snowdon in the pink
Snowdon in the pink

You get up and check the sky for signs of a decent sunrise every morning until you get one. We struck lucky with two great sunrises over Snowdon. It’s important to get your timing right, the TPE helps, and y’know – keeping a track of time is also a good thing.

Thing three

Ice spikes
In these conditions forget diamonds – ice-spikes are a girl’s best friend

You buy yourself a set of ice spikes and head out in the snow. They weren’t really enough to go anywhere high but fun for a walk around the lake at Llyn Idwal and great for climbing up the Roman steps and over snowy mountain passes in the Rhinogs.

But most of all, what you do when you are away and find the conditions are more  Himalayan than European — you take plenty of photos.

sunrise snowdon
Another of them there sunrises with some pink fluffy cloud.


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