13th Jan – the hasty pinhole

Pinhole phone call
Pinhole phone call

I love indoor pinhole photography. Which turns out to be a good thing at the end of a busy week 2 of my project, when I got to Sunday afternoon and my other ideas fell through due to lack of light (try getting natural light at 5:30 on a Sunday evening in January this far north of the Equator).

I love the fact that you can set up your pinhole shot and while the shutter is open you can get on with your life, as long as your life dictates that you stay roughly in the same place for the next 20 – 30 minutes. There’s no smiling for the camera needed and if the phone rings and someone asks, “what are you up to?” you can tell them that you’re taking a self-portrait, and yes, you can stay and chat while that happens. And even if the call goes on an extra five minutes or so it won’t make any real difference to a half hour exposure.

Pinhole dinner
Pinhole dinner with friends

I’ve become a fan of the dinner party pinhole self-portrait too.

Though I’m not entirely sure I’m in the shot below, but like the other people pictured, I’m there in spirit.

Pinhole dinner
The evening was a bit of a blur




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