6th Jan – the photographer’s enemy

2013-01-09-v-delta100010If light is the photographer’s friend, what is her enemy?

For the last few months I’ve been battling against one such enemy – dust.

In November I closed up my darkroom and sealed it shut as best I could. I moved my enlarger out to a safer place at the other end of the house, not right at the top of the stairs. Then the work began. I’ve never seen dust like it – two months later I’m still finding brick dust on the top of cupboards, inside cupboards and on the backs of doors.

The dust got everywhere, but somehow all the work was  done in time for Christmas and when the walls were plastered and the floors were laid it was time to start the finishing touches.

So I  rushed over to spend Christmas with family and was back in time to see in the New Year with tins of paint, sandpaper and dust sheets.

And I’m beginning to think that more so even than dust, home improvement is the photographer’s enemy – it eats up all your spare time so that you find yourself taking your first 52 shot sitting on the floor in your painting clothes on a Sunday afternoon, when you should be out and about in the sunshine with your camera.



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