8th December 2012

Pub lunch
Pub lunch

As far as I remember, this day I went Christmas shopping and ended up with some local pork sausages, and then had lunch in one of those pubs that has pictures of their meals on a board in the car park (never a good sign).

It was a cosy enough place though, and we ordered a pint and a sandwich – a tuna melt is hard to mess up – and I scoped out a quiet corner to take a self-portrait.

A kind lady at a nearby table offered to take the shot for me – I gently but firmly refused – and she sympathised when I took the shot only to find there’s no film in the camera. “He’s always doing that,” she said about her husband.

I smiled politely and said goodbye when they left, but somehow I doubted it. After all, how many Hasselblad users to do see lining up a self-portrait in a random country pub?

But if you do come across one, be sure to say hello, as it’s bound to be me.


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