Goldsworthy was here

Last weekend I finally managed to put my darkroom back together after a couple of months where the room enlarger was stowed safely away and the room filled with furniture while more home renovation went on.

I’d only intended to get set up at the weekend, but I knew as soon as the enlarger emerged, like a genie released from a dingy lamp, that I’d succumb to the overwhelming urge to print something.

This shot was part a roll that survived a botched attempt to save on developing time by loading two rolls of film at once. I’m reliably informed that it is possible to get 2 rolls of 120 film on one spool without the film overlapping, as long as you take the necessary steps  (which  I didn’t). Of the two rolls, I only lost 3 shots of a church, so it could have been a whole lot worse.

As usual, the print is much better than the scan, but you’ll have to take my word for that. The shot was taken at the end of the Silvretta Stausee in the Austrian Silvretta Alps. An insanely steep mountain road twists its way up here from the valley floor at Gaschurn. There are around 33 hairpin bends and precipitous drops all the way, but when you emerge at the top you’re in an unbelievably beautiful high alpine valley. We spent a day hiking up to a mountain refuge in the sunshine, and back down again in a torrential thunderstorm.

The piled up cairns at the far shore of the lake reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy, But more likely something he would do on his day off.  Unless like us, he was mid-way though building his sculpture when the heavens opened and sent him running for cover.



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