No likes please

Salt and vinegar?

I’m turning off likes on my blog, In theory, likes are a quick way of letting the blog owner know you like her post, useful for those moments when you are lost for words or out of time.

But here’s the problem, for hit and run self-publicists, likes are used to draw traffic to the likers blog. Mostly I don’t believe the these bloggers have spent more than one second on my blog. So if you do like my blog, you’ll have to leave a comment to say so. You can hit the like button as much as you want, but no one will know.

And if you do click the like button on this post, well, I’ll know what kind of idiot you are.



    • I prefer conversation to likes – so thanks for taking the time to make conversation.

      As to Vlad being jealous – he’s just not that sort of camera. And the Rollei doesn’t even have a name (yet) so how could he feel threatened?)

  1. That is a very stunning photograph, I tend to share your sentiment on the like button but for every hit and run self publicist out there you might find there are more like me that only comment when they feel there is something worth saying. Sometimes a like is just a like with no strings attached.
    You have a wonderful blog and I am looking forward to working through your archive.

  2. Hi, basically I have the same sentiments about this topic as ‘Aware of the Void’. Even when there is not much to say a photograph may well be special enough for a like. I see a lot of Photographs. Invariably they are all good. On some I may comment and some get the “like” treatment.

    • Hi Joseph, Thanks for taking the time to comment. I do understand your perspective and I have reconsidered, though I have to admit I value to quick comment way higher than a hasty like.

      • It is not so much a hasty like as it is a matter of not always having something relevant to say. Just about every photo I come across in my subscriptions I like, So the ones I consider to be topnotch I either like or like with comment. I don’t remember, but probably gave you this whole spiel in the first place.Oh well, I like a lot 😉

  3. I have to say I agree regarding the “no likes”. I also find that I feel trapped into dissolution when I only get 6 likes but I see really BAD out of focus images which then have 127 likes. This digital world with its “likes” is probably not for us. I’m glad that hubby and I have found your blog. It’s lovely to find another film photographer in this world of “instant gratification”. Wish there were more of us but they’re probably all as befuddled as we sometimes are by all this digital progress (is it really progress I ask myself). I digress. Lovely composition and detail.


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