Film is not dead

You meet film enthusiasts in the most unlikely places. Enjoying a refreshing IPA at an American-style microbrewery one hot afternoon in Singapore, a man came over to say how much he liked Ron’s t-shirt. He’d clocked my Rollei, a tiny 35mm camera (think of a vintage Diana mini that’s toy in size but not in features or performance and you won’t be far off).

I can’t get over how lovely the Rollei is – it’s a 35mm compact camera that literally fits in the palm of my hand. It’s a rangefinder – that means you have to estimate the distance to the subject). It has a light meter but it’s fully manual – you have to set the controls yourself.

It’s not exactly point and shoot, but it is small enough to be no trouble at all in a bag or just held in the hand and it takes great pictures.

night sky

And thought the price of film is at eyewatering levels, it’s still as much fun to shoot it. And it smells as funny as it ever did.



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