Singapore #1

When I hit Singapore last month, I felt like I’d arrived on the set of a science fiction film, set in an Asian version of Switzerland.

Eating was a real pleasure,  but I couldn’t help thinking of Blade Runner at the hawker centres, where street food is served by dozens of kiosks, with a choice of Indonesian, Japanese, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, and of course, Singaporean, amongst the countries served up on a plate or in a bowl or two.

At the Lau Pa Sat Festival Market, possibly my favourite hawker centre, there was even a bandstand in the centre with music playing to an after office crowd.

Outside, where one minute there were commuters driving like the wind to get home after a long day, the next, the road was closed off and tables set out alongside the satay stalls.

At the back of the Tekka Centre, there’s a wet market. Fish heads featured, along with sting ray and shellfish. We ate fish head curry, a Singapore speciality, in a food court, but you’ll have to imagine the dish – I was too busy enjoying the food and the company to stop to take photographs.


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