People are already complaining that the English summer is over, but I’m not.

To tell the truth, blue skies make me a little downhearted. I greet the clouds and morning mist like long-lost friends.

And anyway, we shouldn’t mourn summer’s passing, just be glad that in this latitude, we have changeable weather. That way, when summer puts in another appearance in July or August, we’ll appreciate it all the more.



  1. I always mourn the passing of summer. Always. It’s not that I dislike the other seasons (though winter is a thoughtless bastard), but summer has always been special to me. Randall Mann wrote:
    “It is summer, the rhetoric of the field,
    its yellow grasses, something unanswerable.”
    Mann didn’t say anything about this, but as far as I’m concerned winter has a lot to answer for.

    • I guess I’m lucky because I like the changes of the seasons, so I like all the seasons almost as much. And I love warm sunny days, just not for photography.

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