The Pinhole dance

In April, I danced.

But I didn’t just dance – first I set up my camera fixed on my pinhole lens, metered, set the timer, pressed the cable release and locked it open.

Then I danced.

I love the way that a pinhole can show the flow of time, the fluidity of the human body. It has the power to reduce us all to shadow selves, here one minute gone the next.

So here’s me doing the pinhole dance. Or if you prefer, here’s the space where I did the pinhole dance.

There is something liberating about dancing at home when no one else can see you. Even Vlad only had a vague idea what I was up to.

I admit I was acting up for the camera, flailing my arms around, moving up close, backing away. I don’t usually dance like that. Truth be told I don’t often dance much any more.

So this was one opportunity to really let go, swing those arms out, kick those legs, and not care about how I looked.Which, for a self-portrait, is a pretty rare moment of freedom.



  1. I so, so love this!
    The idea and the fabulous result, brilliant skills 🙂
    always dance like theres nobody watching

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