The early bird

For landscape photography, the light at either end of the day is best. By March, sunrises are already getting a bit early, but the bonus is that you’ll have more evening light to enjoy after you get home from work.

This day, I rushed to the reservoir in the hope of catching the sun rise, or catch a layer of mist hanging on the water.

I was a little late, there were people scurrying by as I set up my tripod and hurried to catch the last of the little sunrise there was. One or two cast a sideways glance at me, but mostly people just went on their way.

I was on my own, aside from the quacking of a few ducks.

A shed by the water came into view as the trees seemed to shake off the mist as they stretched and waked.

And there was that bright, quiet moment that only lasts a little while before daytime starts in earnest.


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