Clouds, anyone?

My commute is always eventful. There is weather, every day. Sometimes it’s thick cloud descending in a swirl of fog that leaves as fast as it arrives. There are rain storms that turn the roads into rivers. There’s snow. There’s blinding low light at a certain time of year when you have no option but to drive into the sunset.

And then there are days like this, when the sun bursts through the cloud layer and turns the sky steely silver and the land a watery gold.

Which is why I love clouds, and why I don’t mind a bit of rain. And why I’m not a big fans of blue skies – not when I have a camera in my hand at least. And it’s why, when I read this post by Karen over at Modern Memory Keeping, I thought about my commute.



  1. I do love the way blog posts can be a form of conversation, with one blogger sparking an idea in another. And yes, I couldn’t ask for more in my commute – unless it’s blocked by heavy snow.

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