The agony of film cameras

Today I was supposed to be taking a photo for Utata’s Thursday walk and I had a couple of shots left  on the roll of colour film I wanted to use up and get developed . So  I grabbed Vlad went for that walk and took those shots.

When I got home I unloaded the film and found the backing paper had ripped before I’d wound any film on.  Which meant I’d pressed the shutter 12 times and ended up with a blank but unusable roll.

So  you won’t be seeing any shots of sunset at Talisker bay, nothing came out of my day in a studio in Liverpool with rashbre and Imran – though I might have something in black and white from that day. And there will be no shots of cute ducks and rushing water at the reservoir today.

So instead, all I can offer is a photo from a very short walk I took one Thursday in May.



  1. Noooooo!

    The Thursday crocuses look very pretty against the Poulnabrone dolmen although maybe ‘the hole of sorrows’ cast its shadow on Vlad?

    Lavender, violet, and rosemary are the traditional analogue cure.

    • The Occasional Gal – Luckily it’s never happened to me before. But yes, sometimes film is a challenge.

      rashbre – This was taken back in May so it would have to be a long ranging spell. I’ll see how Vlad takes to the herbal cure, and remind myself to load extra carefully in future.

      Ron – Not just any Thursday, Guinness and wine and a slap up meal for a special birthday.

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