Rock Cottage

I’d been eyeing up this spot for a 52 for some time, but when our friends Merv and Julie suggested meeting up at the Roaches for a stroll on the hill I decided to take my chance. So while they scoped the hills for good shots of heather, or the climbers on the rock face, I turned my attention to the cottage which is built into the rock (you can find some info and history here).

Up above on the first tier of the Roaches, you can hear the calls of  “climb when ready” and “climbing now”, the chatter of dog walkers and hikers and holiday makers, and though people do make it down to see the rocky arched windows, it’s strangely quiet down below.

We headed on up to Doxey’s pool where a guy with a camera stopped Ron to tell him that he was doing it all wrong and he wouldn’t get a decent shot. (Wrong, Stan, so wrong.) Then he bounded over to where I’d set my tripod up, asked me a few trying questions about aperture and shutter speeds, and invited me to join his gang. Which was kind of nice of him I suppose.

Later, as we reached a viewpoint at the end of the line of rocks, another hiking group bounded up to where we’d got our cameras out and noted loudly that “in the old days of film cameras a stop to take a photo could last forever. Thank God it’s not like that now we’ve all gone digital.” I’m still not sure if they were just plain rude or they hadn’t even noticed we were there.

After all that excitement we headed down for a pub lunch in Wincle, only to find the pub had just won an award which meant a 45 minute wait for a sandwich. Undeterred we settled in the one available spot with a pint and waited for our food.

Thankfully, there were no other know-it-all photographers around to spoil the moment.



  1. There’s nothing more annoying than folks offering unsolicited ‘helpful’ advice about photography. They’re worse than blackflies. At least blackflies are quiet and you can swat them.

    I think the thing I like the most about these self-portraits is that you’re so obviously amused by yourself in each of them. That’s positively charming.

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