I’ve dashed past these trees many times on the way to somewhere else.

Yes, even while out on the  open hillside with nothing to do except walk and enjoy the view I’m often in a rush. And standing in the shadow of Kinder Scout as they do, it’s easy to pass by without paying these trees the attention they deserve. Often it’s at the end of a long day when walked the skyline of the Kinder Southern edges and our cameras are full of expansive landscapes and our bellies are in need of something more than an Eccles cake and a mouthful of water.

But this time we spent an afternoon quietly traversing the peat moorland, wandering through cotton grass and sedge until we dipped down through a long-abandoned quarry to the wide pastures below.

And there were the trees, and there was this light. And we had time.

So we stopped.

I love the way that around here trees are shaped by the landscape – buffeted by the prevailing wind, growing out on the sheltered side.  And the way that one shelters the other and the other shelters the one so that after years of growing that way it’s hard to know which way the winds blows. But whichever way it hits them they’ll support each other and weather the storm.


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