Wind speed and resistance

I took this shot at the end of a busy week, rushing out to catch ever-changing light on some stately oak trees in wild-horse wood. The breeze was so fresh that I had to shelter Vlad up against an exterior wall to have any hope of keeping him upright. But that didn’t last – after a couple of minutes of waiting for the light to change a gust of wind shot up and the tripod toppled over onto to the lawn. The waist level finder is only mildly bent out of shape but Vlad’s a hardy soul and he won’t be bowed by the knocks and scrapes that life throws at him.

A couple of days later I noticed an orange undulation on one of the slender middle-aged trunks. Miraculously, the oldest of the oaks has escaped so far but for how long? When its neighbour is shielding a sulphur bracket – a chicken of the woods. A pretty little fungus that frills out like a ladies petticoat from years gone by, while it stealthily attacks from the inside, like a slow action lumberjack. One of these days that tree will fall. I can only hope its older brother has had time to build up some resistance.



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