Try and try again

One of the best things about moving somewhere new is all that exploring you can do. New lanes to stroll down, new cafés to try (the Victoria Sandwich at Bella’s is to die for and the carrot cake comes in a close second), not to mention the pubs (we got stared out by the locals in our new local but we’ll give it another try). There are so many new places to try in the hope of finding the ones to return to again and again.

You might have noticed that the accompanying photo is no café, not a pub, and there is no hint of carrot cake or beer. But it could just be the antidote to that lane, the one I miss so much.

It’s a longer stroll from my house, across the first reservoir, over pastures, down a lane, through a secret wood, past a babbling brook.

And when you get there you might have the place to yourself as I did, save for a sheep that strayed too close to the water’s edge. or you may be passed by runners, strollers, dog-walkers, hikers and bikers. You might stop and eat your lunch by the water’s edge, listening to the call of the spring cuckoo and the wail of the curlew. You might get licked to death by an exuberant Labrador puppy.   And you’ll know that one of these days, some time soon, you’ll be back this way to do it all again.



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