Building bridges

This week I had planned to bring you a photo from World Book Night. The wife of a flickr contact was giving away books at the Station Buffet in Stalybridge. It was too good a chance to miss –  meeting new flickr friends is always fun and I’ve always wanted to visit the buffet bar for its real ales and original décor.  I’d pictured a self-portrait with the grand bar as backdrop – there would be a woman giving away books and a photographer I’d only just met, all lined up behind me.

But it was not meant to be.

We arrived early, they were delayed by a domestic incident. We fought our way through the doors to find the bar full of inebriated alligators and tipsy bushmen. Students on a pub crawl? A stag and hen night for a couple about to tie the knot half way across the world?

We didn’t hang around long enough to find out – we bailed out and arrived early for our next engagement. I can’t bring you photos of that either, the light was too low in the Lamb, and though Vlad sat on the table for a while I didn’t take one shot over dinner.

So please accept my apologies and note that  though this shot was not taken in Stalybridge or anywhere else in Thameside, it is a  bridge. A Derbyshire bridge, not the Derbyshire Bridge, but in the scheme of things, it’s not important. It was a long stretch from me to Vlad and the thought did cross my mind that if I pulled any harder on the cable release one of us would end up in the River Goyt,  but to tell the truth I was just glad that there were no tipsy alligators to get in my way.


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