The stable

There are some places that have been on my to do list for a long time.

The Stable bar at the Monsal Head Hotel is a place I’ve often longed to visit but in all the years I’ve been coming to this part of the world, and for the past two years when I’ve been putting down roots here,  somehow I never got around to it.

So when the bar turned out to be on the way to somewhere we were going, and I had enough small change for the huge parking fee, I insisted that we called in for lunch.

It is a truly beautiful English pub, with old oak beams, a flagstone floor and a roaring fire. The bar menu was great, and the beer’s not bad either (they even have a beer brewed and named in their honour).

When we were there it was full of hikers and dog walkers and a few ditherers who couldn’t decide whether to sit at the one available table or wait for something better to come along.

self at Stables bar

I would like to tell you that no one batted an eyelid when I set Vlad up for my self-portrait, but eyelids were batted. Some people even turned and stared. One woman even moved closer to the fire to get into my shot. But me and Vlad are seasoned professionals and we weren’t put off for a moment.


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