Kitchen room

Being a new home-owner has meant busy times for us. These days, I’m more likely to be found browsing the aisles of DIY supermarkets for power tools and paint stripper than out on a misty hillside with Vlad in my hand and a packed lunch in my rucksack.

Self-portrait opportunities have been few and far between, but if you remember this place we wanted to buy and you might know that there is a lovely pub nearby. And in summer we can walk to it from our new home. A long walk, admittedly – somewhere to wander over to for Sunday lunch rather than a local to nip into for a swift half after work.
Almost lunchtime

A couple of weekends back, in between DIY stores and bathroom showrooms we stopped off here for lunch. The place was rammed with a queue for tables and we’d got soaked just getting from the car to the bar. So we willingly took up the offer of a table in the kitchen room, not knowing exactly what to expect.


It turned out that we had a view into the kitchen where we could watch the chefs at work, and while we were waiting we could browse a shelf of seriously cheffie recipe books. And I had the chance to take a self-portrait in a pub that will be my summertime Sunday lunchtime local.


No need to ask why the smile.



  1. Excellent to see that the new home is taking shape and also that you have a rather cosy and conveniently appointed pub.

    I still refer to power tools as ‘investments’ although most of them are exiled to the garage.

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