The wedding cake that never was

A slice of life

Remember this?

At the time I didn’t let on that I was getting married, because we didn’t want wedding cakes and bridal dresses, ring cushions and page boys. It wasn’t going to be that sort of wedding. Not entirely at least.

So we didn’t have hundreds of guests or a wedding cake. What we had was a slap up meal for close family and friends, topped off with a two coloured Toblerone mousse. We wondered about the cake – it was expected but to tell the truth I’m not a big fan of cake, except at Christmas, when it’s as obligatory as turkey and roast potatoes.

None of the guests complained about the lack of wedding cake, but it has been noted in certain quarters. No cake, no party for the rest of the family and the other friends?

Luckily my long-suffering mother-in-law baked us a non-wedding cake and sent us home with it on Boxing Day along with some tubes of icing.  I spent a rainy morning gazing at photos of the Matterhorn and in the evening we iced the cake.


It’s not a wedding cake, but if you’re in the area and would like to pop round for a cup of tea we’ll cut you a slice and show you some photos including the ones taken by the lovely Ann-Kathrin Koch who is available for hire to make your special day more special. But if you need a cake, you’re on your own.



  1. Oh Deb!
    This is wonderful. If you had wanted a wedding cake it definitely would have looked like this. Or like the crocheted one. But with a Matterhorn on it either way.

    And shin is right – I am still amazed by your wonderful dress. It would have gone well with the cake.

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