The h word

In the coldest month of last year, and maybe for a hundred years, what did we decide to do?

We moved house in sub-zero temperatures.

I remember at one point thinking that anything under minus 5 was really quite warm. The road to our new home was impassable and our vendors didn’t move out until 4 hours after we had paid over our money and legally owned the place. At one point it seemed likely that they wouldn’t move at all! But we got there in the end and it even warmed up for a few days. Everything was going to be fine.
Self at home
Then the temperature plummeted until zero degrees became a distant memory. A week went by. Minus 10 was becoming a thing of the past. The central heating couldn’t cope and the mains water froze.

But Christmas is a time for optimism, mince pies and good cheer. So what else could we do? We thawed out the pipes, moved to a warmer part of the house. And I took some time out from making glühwein to take a self-portrait.

And somewhere in all that I realised that I have finally found a place I can call home.


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  1. you are a good example of optimism for me. I don’t know if I could have stayed that way being cold and with frozen water pipes. I’m glad it is starting to feel more like home. And I love this Self Portrait.

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