Wish me luck

After a deal of procrastination I’ve decided to dust off my best completed novel and submit it to Penguin just in time for their deadline on accepting unsolicited manuscripts. I know the odds, and even though I’ve beaten them in the past, the odds are it will be declined. But if you don’t try, how can you succeed?
I’d forgotten just how nerve-racking it is to get a submission ready, even when all you need is a synopsis and a covering note. But in some ways that’s worse – the synopsis should always be as perfect as you can make it, but usually the editor will glance at the opening lines and get an idea of your style. As I composed the mail questions flooded into my head: Will I capture the essence of the novel? Will the editor care anywhere near as much about it as I do? Have I made any stupid spelling mistakes or grammar gaffes? You can see why it’s so terrifying.
Armed with cups of tea and chocolate biscuits, I’ve finally beaten it into submission, but I haven’t yet found the courage to hit the submit button.
So please, wish me luck and tell me to get on with it.
(The photo was taken at the Notre Dame de la Treille in Lille and it has a certain relevance to the novel I’m submitting, but you won’t find out what that is unless it gets published.)


  1. Good luck – it pays to try, as you say, otherwise how can you succeed?

    Interesting blog btw, especially your 365 and 52 projects, having started a 365 one myself recently (of new born son – challenging but learning lots).

  2. I hope you have pressed that submit button! And I really hope it’s gets published. I know you take great photos. But from what I’ve seen and read so far, I think you’re even more talented as a writer! And I’d really love to read more of it. So, dear editor of Penguin’s, please consider Debra’s novel for publication.

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