A break in the weather

Day 5 – a break in the weather, originally uploaded by ronet.

By Wednesday our wedding guests were starting to arrive and we wanted to be there to welcome them, but in the mountains you have to make the most of every good weather day. We were torn.

Then we worked out if we got up early we could strike out for the Schönbiel hut, grab a quick lunch and head back in time to meet them for drinks in the last of the afternoon sunshine.

There was only one problem with that plan – it’s 11 km and a 1,200 metre climb to get there and once you’re there, there’s only one way back. But we were fitter than we’d ever been so how hard could it be?

We grabbed some food from the bakers while they were still opening up and set off.

It was cold, the clouds hung low in the valley, and when we arrived at a chalet an hour and a half into the climb, hoping for a warming cup of something, they turned the “open” sign to “closed” and slammed shut the serving hatch. We headed on.

Now and then the clouds would part and we caught a glimpse of the Matterhorn, just enough so that we knew it was still there.

But we made it up to the hut for morning coffee and watched as the clouds rolled away and left the mountains clear. We stayed for an hour or more eating our lunch as the clouds rolled in and out, skies clearing and clouding, hanging on as long as we could in the cold clear sunshine.

And the way down? We stopped to take some photos, had beer o’clock in a café in Zmutt and were scrubbed up and ready to meet the guests for cocktails on the terrace at 5:30PM.


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