Self portrait sur l'herbe

Ron and I have taken to going for an evening stroll, 3 miles or so after dinner. On particularly promising evenings we lengthen the proceedings – 6 miles or so with the dinner somewhere in the middle.

There is nothing that compares to the beauty of a deserted hillside which at weekends teems with hikers.

Dining al fresco

On those evenings I’ll take Vlad, a tripod and a spare lens. I have a super-lightweight tripod but all that gear, plus picnic supplies means I’m carrying a few kilos on my back. (You might be able to spot the shadow of my tripod here.)

Sometimes the light fails just when you think you’re in for an amazing sunset. But we were lucky.

This time the light was golden and pink and it was hard to tear ourselves away from the hillside and return to the car before darkness set in.

We headed down reluctantly as sunset  faded, a pair of curlews circling the skies above us.

I can’t  think of a better ending to such an evening.


One comment

  1. Marvelous pictures from a prefect evening. You captured that light so well. And look at all the details at the horizon, even in the darkest shots of all.

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