Dinner is served

By the time the ferry leaves the dock the crew might be able to risk a 5 minute taking a break after all that loading, checking and securing down.

Take 5

The passengers tough it out in the queue for the all you can eat at the carvery or enjoy some questionable cabaret in the show lounge and the piano bar.

Dinner is served

And the middle classes take a complementary glass of bubbly while they anticipate their evening meal of bangers and mash washed down with a glass or two of Australian Shiraz.



  1. What a contrast between the two shots! It takes somebody like you, Debra, to see them, take them and put them side by side. While the second one is a perfect dinner table shot, it needs the first one to tell the story, to put it in the context. Excellent!

    • Thanks, Andreina. Whenever I take this trip I’m awed by the power and the sheer hard work of the loading crew. Such a contrast to all the goings on inside.

    • It’s the Hull-Zeebrugge overnight ferry, which is often full of people on mini-cruises (30 odd hours on board and about 6 hours in Bruges). Convenient if you live northwards but I wouldn’t recommend it for the entertainment.

      • I’ve done the Stockholm to Helsinki ‘cruise’ (add the word booze in front). It also has ‘entertainment’ and ‘casinos’ which I suspect are similar in nature.

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