What do you do when Easter is coming up and you’ve got plans but you can’t see out of one eye and people stare at you in the street because you look like you’ve been in a fight?*

I’ll tell you what you do – you cancel the hotel you’d booked in a cosy pub next door to a micro-brewery selling some of the finest ales in the land. You unpack your hiking clothes and your camera gear, make sure you know how to get medical help in an emergency – and keep that number handy it’s going to be a long weekend – and you organise yourself a staycation.

So, though Easter held promises of high peaks, waterfalls and lakes, pub food and ale, what I got was something similar but different.

It helps if you already live in a beautiful place –  but it was the extras that made this staycation for me.

Like the full English breakfast I was treated to on Good Friday. The home-made hot cross buns (experiments have shown that you only need one eye to make an excellent bun).

We’ll skip past the Saturday afternoon at the eye hospital – that wasn’t exactly part of the staycation plan but it all turned out well.

And there was a country drive where I miraculously summoned up the energy to get out of the car, change lenses on the camera, lean against the gate and wait for the light. Luckily it was only a few minutes – I don’t think I’d have lasted any longer.


And like the beer and bar snacks on Easter Monday. Bluebird Ale – the same beer I’d have been drinking if I’d made it up to the micro-brewery. The swelling in my eye had recovered enough to risk a self -portrait.

A vacation is supposed to leave you happy and re-energised,  and I did at least feel pretty chirpy by the end of it, even if it did take a couple of weeks for my eye to heal and my energy to return to normal.

And do you know the best thing about a staycation? It actually doesn’t have to end. Just take some time to enjoy your surroundings and treat your home like a cosy hotel, and you can have a staycation whenever you like.

*Note: I hadn’t been in a fight – I had an eye infection that led to shingles. In my eye. Ouch!



  1. Ouch, that eye thing sounds awful. I hope it’s better by now.

    I’ve never heard of a “staycation” but that’s exactly what I did with my family over Easter. And we had loads of fun.

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