Hello, Percy

Ok, it’s not normal to name your camera. And to name two of them, well, don’t tell me, I know.

But here’s Percy – he’s a cheeky little 35mm camera. If he was a person, he’d look like Leslie Phillips – good looking in his time, getting older, wiser but still with a twinkle in his eye. He’d wear a camel coat and a tweedy flat cap. He’d be dapper and a little out of style but his devil may care attitude means he’d pull it off. Maybe I should have called him Leslie, but that didn’t fit.
The stile in the corner
To be fair, I haven’t given Percy a proper run for his money – the first roll was shot in a rush to try him out, mostly indoors and at low light. This lot are from 5 year expired film that I’ve brought back to life a bit with a bit of added punch and contrast in Lightroom.
But not bad, eh? Especially considering that the light wasn’t always the best. And I’m still struggling to do without a depth of field preview and working with 1980s metering that doesn’t have  fancy matrix or spot settings.

I wish I could show you the shot of the perfect snowflake I took on one of the macro lenses. Only I messed up the focus so it’s an impression rather than a pin sharp outline.

I have no doubt that Percy can do it though. I just need to get my eye in and have a bit more luck next time with a snowflake I can actually get to without shaking all the snow off the tree.

I had a bit more luck on Abney Moor when I used the macro setting on my zoom lens and lay down in the wet grass to get this shot.


And as Percy risked a drenching on that day to bring you this shot, he’d be grateful if you clicked through to the original photo and had a quick look at the original size. Ignore the scobby white dots – that’s dust I didn’t get rid of in the scanning process, and admire the sharpness of the droplets of dew that Percy picked out so well for you.



  1. It looks as if Percy might smoke a pipe, too. I could be wrong.

    Writers tend to name what we love most, and that affection need not be limited to pets or characters.

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