The moment has arrived to send Vlad off for repair.

This morning I packaged him up and put in a note (almost forgetting that the repair man won’t get it if I refer to my camera as him) and took  it him to the post office.

I haven’t used him since last weekend when I went out for a stroll to some of my favourite places that are within a stone’s throw of my front door.  And as the developed film dropped through my letterbox today, I was busy packing Vlad up, stuffing polystyrene chips into a box and sealing it all down with tape.

How high

I’m hoping they’ll send it him back soon. I’m hoping that they’ll do a good job. Most of all I’m hoping that they won’t hang onto him for 6 months without doing anything at all.

The man at the post office added a fragile sticker, I checked and double checked the insurance, crossed my fingers and bit my tongue when it was tossed into a Hessian sack.

By the time he comes back my orchid will no longer be flowering, but there will be signs of spring in my garden and out on the hills. A whole lot to look forward to in the next few weeks.



  1. *ahem*

    Shamelessly I’ve borrowed your situation as the basis for my FAWM lyrics today.

    Don’t worry, I haven’t also posted them on rashbre central. But there is a link

    Fare safe, fair Vlad.

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