There’s a different feeling in the air today – I heard cars starting up before it got light, but when I emerged from a cosy bed at 7:30AM no one else had moved. All the early birds were back indoors after one glance at nearly a foot of snow that fell overnight.

Even the hardy Frith is struggling – buses have been cancelled, the hairdresser’s and charity shop hasn’t opened for business, and the butcher’s blinds are all the way down.

There was talk in the Co op of delivery trucks struggling to get through the snow, and yet amazingly one woman’s son had to wrestle with the weather today because he’d already had a disciplinary warning once this week for not turning up for work. And it’s only Tuesday.

Malham dale

Here’s another shot taken before Christmas in Malhamdale – though it could be anywhere around here.

My recent snowy shots are somewhere between here and Sheffield, hopefully not snowed in, and I’m putting another two rolls in the letterbox today, one roll shot on the Diana Mini that Dumbfunk and Keksofant got me for my birthday. I know, I know, I don’t need another camera but this one is tiny and so easy to slip in my pocket wherever I go.

I’m impatient to see the results, but in the meantime, I’ll just have to content myself with replaying the moment I unwound the film.


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