Snowscapes and gratitude

After Saturday’s considerable snowfall, Sunday was full of promising blue skies so we dug out the car put on layer after layer of warm clothing and ventured out to hike and take a few snaps.

Vlad would normally be the camera of choice – he works well in low temperatures – though when it gets really cold the shutter speed can slow down a tad. But even at subzero temperatures, he won’t jam or freeze up.

Not frozen, just snapped

But I’m glad I left him at home – in Gordale scar before Christmas the sound of the shutter was enough to break off a shower of icicles. Luckily they weren’t the enormous ones of 6 feet or more that hung like a clutch of  Damocles swords above the frozen waterfalls.


Though we didn’t get to Kinder Downfall this trip out, there was plenty of slabby fresh snow that would have slid down from above us if I’d whipped Vlad out on the sunken path that leads onto Rushup Edge.

My Pentax *ist clearly doesn’t possess a soul, or if it does it’s not a grateful soul as it rewarded me by the filter freezing over in the cold and the autofocus failing just at the moment when a para-glider came into view soaring above me.

Somehow, despite that and with a couple of blurry shots of the para-glider, I managed to snap 36 shots and run out of film just before sunset.



  1. Oh, I didn’t make that clear, did I? These are some shots of the Yorkshire dales before Christmas. I’m hoping the others will be as good, only with more snow.

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