Vlad goes flash

We’ve had snow on the ground or in the air for the last two weeks. Even when it began to thaw there were still patches of white valiantly holding out until the next snowfall came. Yesterday, a light dusting and then a rare glimpse of sun so we pulled on our hiking boots, packed up our cameras and headed out.

Today, the snow is falling relentlessly and though I’ve ventured out to take a few shots – the post lady caught me photographing my own clogs on a snow covered path – most of the fun is indoor, playing with Christmas presents.
Let it snow
Quick and dirty flash on Hasselblad

Vlad is happy with his new acquisition an adjustable  flash shoe that attaches to his accessory rail. Combined with a hot shoe, pc cord and the smallest flash unit I could find, and Vlad is equipped for indoor action.

Blad flash

I could have used my all singing and dancing Pentax überflash mounted on a tripod just about anywhere in the room but sometimes you don’t want to set up an entire studio just to capture a moment of fun.

And the beauty of it is you don’t have to meter anything.


The set up

Slide the flash shoe onto the accessory rail and slip on a hot shoe adaptor. Make sure the hot shoe fits – some brands have a foot that is too thick to use. I got one with a thumb wheel so I could lock it in place. If the pc cord is too short you can get a female-male cord to lengthen it. Some, like the one I bought had a female pc cord outlet, in this case you’ll need to buy a male-male pc cord to connect it to the pc outlet on the Hasselblad lens. Find the smallest auto flash you can, and slip that on.

Flash mounted on Hasselblad
Use an auto setting, read off the aperture  from the table and pick any old shutter speed. Vlad syncs at any speed so I went for 1/125 – slow enough that the auxiliary shutter problem I’m having wouldn’t be much of an issue.

And I think it worked better than using a manual setting, which you can see below.


It came out a little dark, but considering we were concentrating on balancing the Diana Mini on the Polaroid 250, I think Vlad did pretty well.



  1. I think the three cameras at once is an interesting shot. There could be a whole contest to see who can take the most simultaneous shots.

    I’m intrigued with the flash, which mounts ‘sideways’ – for obvious Hasselblad reasons. If you want to do bounce, can you rotate the flash head upwards or do you use a simple diffuser?

    Happy New Year!

  2. Trouble is, only one of my cameras has a self timer and I only have two hands so 2 would be my maximum.

    If you have a strong enough tripod you can rotate the Hasselblad so the flash is on top and bounce from the ceiling. Alternatively you can set the flash to manual and twist it round so it bounces off the wall behind the camera. The flash shoe mount will rotate to allow this. I’ve done some initial tests and these configurations do work – but I’m going to have another going at the right ISO before I post those results.

    Now, when are you going to get yourself a Blad?

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