Is it too early?

Is it too early?, originally uploaded by ronet.

Last Sunday we went shopping for a Christmas tree.

We thought we were being clever.

We thought we were ahead of the game.

We were wrong.

Though the shops weren’t entirely sold out of trees, the shelves were pretty empty.

Who has a tree up this early? Are the needles already dropping? Has the dog crashed into it and dislodged the fairy lights? And if the kids have munched their way through the chocolate Santas, what will they have to do come Christmas Eve?

There are plenty of 7ft high real trees, but I won’t buy one without roots. We have a space in the garden where it can live out the rest of its natural life after Christmas is over for another year.

We looked at the artificial trees, but most were little more than tinsel on bare wire.

In the end we went home and took out the tree we’d decided was in such bad shape it needed replacing.

It will do another year.

(This is not it – this is Café Danzig in Amsterdam)



  1. We haven’t got to the tree stage yet this year. May drape a few lights around for some glitter and to start the process. We’ve just had the second Santa fly by in our road, so it must be getting near the time.

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