Something different in the post

Regular readers will know that I don’t often post on overtly political topics but I just had to alert you to this moving article on the postal strike.

I have been a trade union organiser and in my time there I never met any union member who took a decision to go on strike lightly. In my experience it’s a desperate measure. So I knew there had to be another story behind the management spin and the old fashioned union rhetoric that surrounds the postal dispute.

Stemming the tide

And I thought about those oft quoted figures that were down and tried to match them up with the amount of mail that drops through my door on a daily basis. Though I contact my friends by email or skype, I get more post than I ever did. These days I even get my film developed by mail.

Something didn’t add up. And finally I found some sense on the London Review of Books LRB · Roy Mayall: Diary.

So now you know.


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