My back yard

lookin up, originally uploaded by ronet.

In my last few months in Amsterdam, I often took my camera out with me. I didn’t know exactly when but I knew that some day I’d leave and I wanted to capture the essence of my life in Amsterdam. Rushing past the Westerkerk on my way to work, ambling along the canals on the way home.

I have a whole stack of shots taken on the way to and from work.

And I don’t miss Amsterdam. Not until I look back at the photos and remember that all this was in my back yard.  Mind you, my new back yard isn’t bad.



    • The funny thing is that I don’t think about Amsterdam that often, but when I do I miss it. I guess that’s because I’m happy where I am now.

  1. I spent only a few days in Amsterdam many years ago. What I remember most was the incredible variety of people there, most of whom were tourists, who didn’t act like tourists. It was as though the city itself made us all feel at home.

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