Where the heart is

At the exact time I’m writing this a year ago today I was waiting for flight KL1093 to take me to my new home, somewhere undefined in the North of England.
A year ago today

I didn’t realise that a whole year later, “home” would still be largely undefined. I didn’t know I’d be coming back to the worst economic crisis for decades. And though I tried to prepare myself for it, I had no idea that the reverse culture shock I was about to experience would lead to confusion in almost every aspect of my daily life.

Now a whole year has flown by almost as fast as that plane that carried me over the North Sea to my new life. I haven’t done all the things I wanted to, not by half. There are still many doubts and uncertainties, and on paper you could say I was better off where I was. But Amsterdam was always liked that – it ticked all the boxes but something in my heart felt wrong. And a year on, in an old-new country I still have boxes that need ticking but my heart at long last, knows it’s in the right place.



  1. Welcome home again, Deb! I can’t believe it’s been an entire year. Next month will be our one year anniversary in our new home.

    Ahhh, yes.

  2. mmmm lovely shot.

    have you read any paul fussell? he and my dad were both sent to boarding school and both have had (ever since) an unending search for “home”. (they’ve corresponded about it in the past.) this reminded me of that.

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