Snow, originally uploaded by ronet.

While the south has been scuppered by admittedly heavy snowfall, it isn’t the first time we’ve been snowbound this winter.

I’m told it’s been unusually cold, but it’s my first winter and I have nothing to compare it to.

Today I put on my hiking gear and headed out for a lunchtime walk on the footpath up past the station. On a good day you can be in open country within 20 minutes. Today it took me an hour to get this far. There were places where the snow was knee deep and I had to wade through it, and it did slow me down. But mostly it wasn’t that. It was the light sparkling on the snow and the patterns where it had drifted into cornices that I’d only ever seen before in the Alps, and once in the Vosges mountains one cold winter in France.

And though the roads near us are more or less passable, the people in the houses in this shot are well and truly snowed in. We walked up a mile or so of the only road into the hamlet, and snow had drifted over a foot deep.

But most people don’t seem worried by the snow. A few cars take to the roads but the sensible ones use their feet to get to the shops. Use the internet and work at home. And the kids, you can hear their laughter all around the hillside as they slide down on sledges that this winter have got their share of use.



  1. Our snow also seemed of a particularly refined variety and now its melting so quickly that we may avoid the ‘brown’ phase completely. Lovely photograph and you’ve captured the sunshine on the snow against that crisp sharp view so well.

  2. Wow, sometimes I wish I lived somewhere like where you do. We hear about how much snow has fallen just a few miles away in the hills, but here in the city, we’re lucky to get a bit of slush. It sounds beautiful.

  3. uphilldowndale – I hope you have had some time to play by now.

    rashbre – it was good while it lasted? There’s nothing worse than slush.

    Justin – I went into Manchester yesterday. It was so weird to travel on the train from a white landscape until at some point (around Disley) the snow was gone. Like two separately existing worlds.

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