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This is not a 52

This pub, the Lantern Pike, is just down the road from another one of those impossible cottages that I would love to buy. Only this time I decided to be practical and check out the internet connection at the cottage  before I went to look around and fell completely in love with the place. It is a bit out of the way and, well, Internet isn’t really an option there. So no, we won’t be buying the little place within a stone’s throw of this pub where Tony Warren, sat and wrote episodes of Coronation Street.

When I was there, it was the perfect English pub, a couple with a smiling baby bouncing on his father’s knee in one corner. Some locals enjoying a leisurely lunch over weekend newspapers by the window, and a group of walkers welcomed despite the muddy boots and bums (one of them had slid down the hill to the pub) and us, by the fire enjoying a pint of Timothy Taylors landlord ale.

So I’ve found my ideal pub – one where I can imagine myself stealing that window seat and having lunch while my imagination started working. Afterwards, when the lunch things were cleared away I’d settle down and write a few hundred words. A café, or even a pub if it’s the right one, somewhere away from home where you can retreat when you need a change of scene in order to think is one of the few things a writer really needs. And I really think I found it there.

Now all I need is the house to go with it.



  1. I know some very nice houses and people around that area.
    I can see you take your research very seriously.
    So check out,
    The Roebuck, Chapel en le Frith, The Beehive Combs, The Swan Kettleshulme and for a truly unique pub the Three Stags Heads at Wardlow
    but for goodness sake don’t ask for a Gin and tonic.
    If you were looking for a rural enclave of creative types I’d suggest Wirksworth Derbyshire or Bollington Cheshire

  2. Ann-Kathrin – I don’t think he even knew about it. In fact no one did.

    dumbfunk – Thanks. Maybe by then they’ll have stretched the cable far enough so there’d be broadband?

    uphilldowndale – Thanks for the recommendations. I love the Swan at Kettleshulme, and I’ll work my way through the others soon.

    Dave. Am I missing a trick? I’ve never heard of radio internet.

  3. The pub sounds nice, shame about the broadband.

    That’s the trouble with somewhere as beautiful as the Peak District, I suppose. As a visitor I love the remoteness, the feeling of being away from the city, but these are the very things that would drive me mad about living there. Fortunately some parts are less technologically remote than others.

    I’d agree with UHDD about Wirksworth, my Mum lives there & it’s very friendly, I love visiting. The festival is brilliant, but there seems to be stuff going on all year.

  4. rashbre- I’m glad you noticed the photos and press clippings. I just need to find one a bit closer to home. Or a home a bit closer to this one.

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