Aim high

I stood outside the Church of Our Lady and All Saints in Chesterfield, Vlad in hand wondering how I was going to do it. It is such an awesome sight, with its spire corkscrewing up into cloudy sky.  The perfect opportunity for a self portrait, but how was I going to get it all in and capture the crazy twisted spire without making it another tourist shot of me and the church.

For a chilly Saturday in November when people’s thoughts turn more to Christmas shopping in the markets where evereything from French cheese to local chocolate was on sale, there were a surprising number of tourists snapping away. Some even put their noses inside, others took the guided tour and climbed the tower. I waited outside watching Ron as he approached the spire and crouched down to take a shot of that tower spiralling upwards. As he moved back I watched him in the viewfinder, and then I realised I had to stay low and aim high.  I had to wait a little longer for him to finish what he was doing and come over to act as stand in while I set up the shot. And then it was done in two takes.

And if you are in the area – the church is well worth a look inside.

And here’s an interesting blog post about art in churches and chapel by Dave King.



  1. rashbre – it is a pretty amazing sight.

    carolyn – I can’t vouch for the rest of the town, as it was a flying visit but the church is really worth a visit.

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