Business as usual


Finally, after a string of broken promises and cancelled orders, I got a fixed internet connection at home. Though the internet, or lack of it, shouldn’t be such a big deal, it was for me. I can’t work without it, and living in a small town, there were few opportunities for wifi access. No hotels, just one crowded café with a free but cranky connection that lasted one hour. It saved me a few times, I’ve been up to the car park to use the connection after the café closed so I could get an job application in on time. And my in-laws have put up with me camping out over there for a week, then another, arriving at short notice because the telecom company hadn’t let us know that our most recent order wasn’t going to go through (I think we made 4 altogether, but to be honest I lost count). For most of the month I’ve relied on mobile broadband, which might not be as fast as I’d like, but at least I could work.

For the first week, according to the welcome pack, my new internet connection could be slow or intermittent. I never knew that an internet connection would need “running in” like you used to do with new cars, but apparently it does. It took several hours of fiddling about on Sunday before we got the router in a position where I could access it, and so could Ron in his basement office. I spent some time walking around the room with my laptop to find the point where the signal failed- which was to be where I’d have to reposition my desk which I’d set up by the window. After a while I found that the only point with a stable connection was at the other end of the room by the door. To be honest, the futon’s not an ideal workspace, ok for casual surfing but hard on backs and wrists if you have to spend the whole day there. But it’s a start.

[Since then things have got a lot better and by the time I write this on Friday, I have managed to move my desk back by the window and stay online. Progress at last]



  1. I can’t believe that router has such a weak signal. Despite the whole hallway/stairs/many walls thing. It sounds a bit wonky to me.

  2. Mathias – it goes well with the smell of freshly peeled polaroid.

    Ann-Kathrin – what is weirder is that it’s got stronger over the first few days. Maybe it takes a while to seep through the walls.

  3. Interesting,,, I didn’t know an internet connection had to be run in. That may explain the difficulty my son has had with his. Why don’t they tell you these things? And why shouldn’t a connection – or its lack – be a big deal?

  4. Dave – I’ve never heard of it before but it was at the back of the manual that came with our (BT) router. I wonder if it’s some sneaky way of BT getting away with sending you a weaker signal, though my technical knowledge is shaky on this aspect of internet infrastructure. Everything else I’ve read says it depends on the distance from the exchange.

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