In sickness or in health


It’s a challenge to take any kind of photos when you’re suffering from a migraine, but by Sunday (day 3) I  knew that if I didn’t take a shot my self portrait project would be over. 

In the past I’d have thought of the concept of photography projects as rather pretentious, especially for the amateur. But the truth is it’s a pact, a deal with oneself that whatever it is you’ve decided to shoot, whenever you’ve decided to shoot it, you’ll get out there and do it. No excuses. 

Day two of the worst migraine in years I went to Buxton with the aim of walking up a hill and taking something like this. But though I got my camera out and took a shot, I didn’t have the patience to turn it on myself. To tell the truth I could only see properly out of one eye, so my chances of getting it in focus were low.

Day 3 was my last chance and though my head was only a little better, there was no choice. I’ve got this far, and I’m damned if a migraine is going to end the year ten weeks prematurely. So maybe it’s not one of my most creative attempts, but considering the effort that went into it, one of my best efforts and I’m proud of it. So there.



  1. I can see it squishing your forehead. Ouch. Mysterious dark glasses may assist? And thunderstorms. Hoping it is now passing by. Brilliant setting. Those trees behind you could also be an ongoing season project. Jealous.

  2. Direct and honest with yourself – even (or especially ?) in the most vulnerable moments – that’s what you always are both with your writing and your photography. Would have been a shame if the migraine had stopped you from pursuing your project.
    Hope these lines find you fine and fit again!


  3. Thanks everyone. I am feeling much better now.

    Stewie, it was so vibrant it made me eyes hurt.

    rashbre – there are sunglasses perched on top of my head, but I had to take them off to set up the shot. I’m seeing so many potential projects out here. Trees may well figure.

    Hi Wieke – thanks for stopping by. It’s a big contrast to Amsterdam, isn’t it?

    Andreina – thanks. So far through the year, I just have to get to the end.

    Thanks Al.

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