Made for walking

I came back from my holiday, refreshed, relaxed and ready to head off to Brussels for a work assignment. What I didn’t know was that while we were away getting some Swiss sun and working out our ascending and descending muscles (thighs on the way up, knees on the way down) someone went and made an offer to buy the flat we were hoping to move into.

When the action was happening, I was standing at the train station with my mobile cutting out, trying to figure out exactly what was going on. But honestly, I didn’t have much time to sit and think about it, not much time at all as soon as I arrived I set off to the parliament, to meet up with colleagues and get to work. In the background, decisions were being made that would impact my life, but I tried not to think about it.

In the end, they decided not to sell but to go ahead with the rental. Either we were incredibly lucky, or the offer was unspeakably low. In any case, it all went ahead. The couple who owned the house wanted to meet us so we raced over at the weekend, and talked a few things over. And it was agreed. They’d booked their removal van, and I went shopping for some new shoes. Not city shoes, but sturdy country shoes that will see me through the day, and that includes my lunchtime stroll down country lanes. Or evening walks on the hill. These shoes are made for walking  – and I can’t wait to get out there.



  1. stewie – though I could have done without the stress, it makes me appreciate the outcome even more.

    Al – thanks. Pics coming soon.

    Kip – Thanks. Life’s never simple but it is interesting.

    annie – Thanks. We’re couldn’t find anything we wanted to buy, so we’re renting again. But it’s a million times nicer than our flat in Manchester.

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