A room with a view


When is the last time you sat still and did nothing? For most of us, those moments are rare.

The weeks leading up to our smash and grab holiday in the Swiss Alps were full of activity – I was writing flat out so I could get this blog up and running, and preparing for a meeting in Brussels that I’d have to head off to on my return. And in the middle of all that we decided it was time to move.

So the day before we left for Zermatt, we went to see a lovely flat in a small market town outside of Manchester. It was one of those moments when you know the minute you walk through the door that it’s the right place. Not the right place forever, not the right place to make the investment of buying, but somewhere I can imagine living and feeling happy until we find the place.

“We’ll take it,” I told Sue, the estate agent who has been with us on many of our highs and lows in our search for a place called home. I didn’t even ask Ron, I didn’t want to take the chance that if I stopped for breath someone would get in first and we’d lose the place

We organised as much as we could – forms and agreements were emailed back and forth, credit checks started, dates tentatively agreed on. There was nothing more we could do except pack our bags and leave at the crack of dawn the next day for the Alps. I was determined not to spend the whole week thinking about our new flat, just put it to the back of my mind and let it happen without me. But it wasn’t that easy  – I’m a natural worrier and anything could go wrong.

Our plan was to head all the way to the highest hotel in the Swiss Alps in one day and catch the sunset over the Monte Rosa. A horrendous journey, which culminated in us missing the last train up the mountain by 2 minutes put paid to all that and we spent our first night in Zermatt.

We arrived the next morning, taking an early train up with the day trippers, who come to admire the view and sip tea on the terrace.  We were shown straight to our room and I almost squealed with delight.

I mean, look at that view.

Finally, after all the running around,  I could relax, not do anything. Just be. Back in England wheels were turning, but I couldn’t see them, I had my mountain and that was all I needed.



  1. Brilliant.

    Great see see some relaxation in amongst what presumably has been a few action packed days!


    And ‘Happy Home’.

  2. The Swiss really do landscape well, don’t they? I haven’t been to Switzerland in forever. Now I have to go back.

    Hope you are doing well in all your endeavors, mentioned or otherwise.

  3. Thanks. Rashbre. It was quite an action packed week, but also incredibly relaxing.

    Thanks, Mia.

    You’re right Sam. Swiss landscape is like nowhere else. If you do go back I’d recommend spending a night here – just pray for fair weather.

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