I've moved

Barnacle Bill

Don’t get too excited – it’s only the blog that’s moved.

Though we are trying our best to get out of Ron Towers as soon as we can. Two months on, the letting company still hasn’t sorted out the parking.  That gives us two choices: park in our space and risk getting clamped because someone else in the block has decided it’s his space and the building agent won’t arbitrate. They do clamp though. The release fee is £100, which makes it marginally preferable to park on the street, but living in a no parking area where the wardens hover kerbside waiting for the clock to tick over from 7:59 so they can issue a ticket isn’t much of an improvement.

But the blog has moved and it should work mostly as normal, though I need to test the feed and the email updates.  Now all I need to do is start work on the other site.


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