Offline life

It’s good to be back.

I’ve had no home internet connection for the last 3 weeks. I thought it would be a blessing in disguise – I probably spend way too much time surfing flickr, and a little too much time reading blogs and checking emails. So I thought that rationed access would help but it didn’t turn out that way.

In a new city, I needed the internet to find out where everything is. I have done my share of walking around, getting lost and finding shops only to forget where they are again. But supermarkets are remarkably hard to track down.  I tried the phone book, but that only helps up to a point. I’m in between phone books – technically I live in Salford, but logistically I’m in Manchester.

keep out

I have yet to find my closest bottle bank  – the phone book directed me to  a website  (not as I’d hoped, a list of recycling points). There wasn’t even a phone number to call. I followed street signs to a mini-recycling point, but it was so small it was undetectable to the human eye. Either that or some joker had turned round the street signs. The bottles pile up in my kitchen/lounge/diner. (And no, the oven still doesn’t work).

I’m sure that soon I’ll be back to whiling away all the hours between dusk and dawn on flickr  but for now I have a lot of catching up to do.



  1. So you’ve landed. I noticed elsewhere that you’re househunting, and not all that far away from me. Good luck! There is a lot going on at the mo in Manchester it seems.

  2. It’s a nightmare being without it isn’t it? We’ve come to rely on it so much. My advice is get a blackberry – then you’ll never be too far away from yell or multimap 🙂 It has got me out of all kinds of scrapes (the ability to look up the lyrics to ‘Massachusetts’ by the Bee Gees to settle a drunken Friday night pub dispute is unrivalled)

  3. Fascinating to read your honesty about being lost in your homeland and disprientated relearning natural skills (like which way the traffic is coming).
    Moving is one journey and a huge change, but settling in is just as much.

  4. Welcome to Manchester. I hope you are settling in ok now.

    The Manchester Flickr group is quite lively if you want to join us on a Meet sometime. Beer and photography, a good combination.

  5. Thanks Rashbre. That blue on the gate can be found all over the village. It’s called Chatsworth blue and all the estate properties are painted in it. From the look of things, the Duke owns half the village.

    brenda – I thought you were much further north, but my geographical knowledge of the UK is not what it used to be. I am househunting, more on that another time.

    PurpleGlitter. Goodi idea but I’m having trouble just getting a bank account, let alone a PDA. Technically, I’m not even sure I exist until I have a bank statement to prove it.

    Kip – You’re so right. The journey isn’t over the minute you’ve moved.

    phojus- thanks. I’ve joined the Manchester flickr group. Beer and photography is one of the best combinations. I hoep there’ll be a meet soon.

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