The end/ The start


I quit my job. I don’t officially finish until the end of the month, but my last working day was the 9th May.

I worked there for 7 years, and while I was there I learnt almost everything I know about the internet, though I did most of my learning in my spare time.

It’s been a rough ride over the years. Working for NGOs, it’s always like that – even more so in campaigning ones. There were victories to be celebrated, defeats to be taken in our stride. There is always shortage. Never enough time, never enough funding. But working there, everyone agrees, feels like family – sometimes you fight, but in bad times people pull together. And nothing can beat the feeling when something goes your way. My last act at work was to help with a campaign for the release of a disappeared Colombian environmentalist. I heard a couple of days ago that he’s back with his family. I can’t tell you how that made me feel.

I should be sad that I’m leaving, but I don’t believe in regret. There’s no time for sadness when there are 2 homes to be sold and 40 brochures from estate agents to go through. In the following week I saw 15 houses in 3 days, and woke up dreaming of en suites, conservatories and breakfast kitchens (more of that soon).

But here I set up my camera and took a moment to just be: to be happy for the past and dream about the future. Knowing that moment wouldn’t last long, the future is upon me and it will soon be time to get moving.


3 thoughts on “The end/ The start

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  3. Change is big. It creeps in. You feel the same, but the momentum shifts like a tide, firsst ebb, now flow, then ebb again. How wonderful that you can appreciate the transition, the moment of turning when it all seems to stand still, to be suspended, before flowing again.
    You’ve certainly got your work ahead of you.

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